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7 Steps to Building a React Application

React (and its ecosystem) can be a complicated way to build web applications. What makes it complicated is not the idea itself, but when you take all of the parts and combine them as a whole, there is a lot to keep track of.

To simplify building a react application (or just a component) from scratch, there are 7 steps that should be followed when starting.

I first saw these steps in the article Thinking in React published in the official React docs by Facebook. I then dove a bit deeper into what each step meant in the book Full Stack React : The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends. Both are also sourced at the bottom, and I recommend taking a look at both.

Before I get into the steps, I do want to mention one thing. The most important step here is not listed (at least not as a numbered step). I think it is not listed because it is a big assumption. Even though it is assumed, I think it should be mentioned. That step is .... have a idea of what you are building. An idea, wireframes, mock ups/designs, etc. Too often, people start developing without a solid idea of what they are doing. not technically, but the actual idea they are trying to execute.

7 Steps to Building a React Application
1. Break the app into components
2. Build a static version of the app
3. Determine what should be stateful
4. Determine in which component each piece of state should live
5. Hard-code initial states
6. Add inverse data flow
7. Add server communication

brief explain of each pointing to main article for deeper explanation ....
Thinking in React
Full Stack React : The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends


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